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Training in WA gives us opportunity to create new material

Last week we had the joy of delivering training in Karratha, WA which was a fantastic experience.

We are mobile and are often in different places but this was our first time in WA.  It was our first time delivering this course and we a thrilled that we had such excellent feedback.

This work required us to write a course : Crisis Intervention for Customer Service Staff

Our process was that we:

  • Were given a brief overview of what was being sought
  • We developed proposed course overview
  • Wrote the content, wrote the PowerPoint
  • Wrote some activities
  • Delivered it

Post-delivery we reviewed the feedback, trainer’s notes and made some improvements and this resource will be on our website available for other trainers and HR professionals as well as an online course.

And since then we have had another enquiry for a similar course and which this course can be contextualised.

Just because something isn’t available, doesn’t mean that there is not a need for it.  Some organisations see it as a roadblock, we choose to see it as an opportunity.

And in the brief trip to Karratha this is the photo I snapped!  A truly beautiful place!


But keep an eye out for the resources for trainers and the online course.

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