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Natasha Brown

Head Trainer

Natasha is a highly qualified and experienced Trainer with a wealth of industry experience across business and community sector spaces.  With multiple diplomas, Natasha is constantly updating content, training and assessment delivery models and practices, and ensures that the training experience is a positive and transformational one. 

Avoidance of training for training’s sake and ensuring that the training experience is dynamic, experiential and transformational results in frequent positive testimonials.  Natasha is inspiring as a Trainer as she ensures training is relevant and practices what she trains.

Rowena Burley


With a 30+ year career in business and multi-disciplinary design, Rowena has an immense store of knowledge and experiences to share.  She has lived overseas and sat on the Boards of multiple companies across 3 countries.  Having worked for a leadership coaching training and consulting company for 8 years you will find her to be both down-to-earth and visionary.  She has seen what works and what doesn’t in business and loves to see people grow and thrive.

Rowena loves to travel and mix business and pleasure, she currently runs her own businesses as well as teaching others so has her finger on the pulse.

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