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The Power of Getting Up Early

Why successful business owners and achievers often start their day early!

For most people dragging themselves out of bed at 6.30am to start the day is the norm. Others spring out of bed at 4.30am or even earlier to sieze the quiet moments of the day.

Successful business owners and achievers often start their day early. By the time everyone else is getting up, they have already planned their day, ticked a few things off the to-do-list, have emails sent and done tasks without interruption. They also have that luxurious time to have a coffee and quiet think time. If you have young kids you will know what a luxury that is.

As a business coach/mentor and business owners , I am baffled when I ring people at 9.00am and they are just waking up…… had a terrible night’s sleep and yes they will get to whatever we are talking about some time today.

Really??? My day is well underway by then. Emails are done, proposals are out, things are followed up on and projects were achieved. I think that 2 hours that I spend in the office whilst it is still dark, no phones are ringing are the most productive of the day. It sets it up for amazing things.

Business tip: Get up early, get productive early, plan your day and get started.

The evidence is overwhelming. The highest achievers start their day early. Even if you don’t want to conquer the world, I promise you, you will feel more in control, be more productive.

I know that by getting up early (for me that’s 4.30am), I have a to do list done, annoying things that just need to be done (because you should get the hardest things done first), I get emails off so that they are at the top of the list of emails when people arrive at work, maybe I get a walk in, a load of washing on so that that when my kids get up, I am able to be there instead of running around in chaos.

You don’t need to get up as early as I do to make a difference. Try just one hour earlier than what you get up now.   Have something to do, or nothing to do.

Natasha Brown operates Criterion Training and is passionate about training providing transformational skills and behaviours for participants in both work and in life!

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