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Relearning, over-learning, or just refreshing – as a trainer

Constantly improve as a trainer

One of the things that I like doing as a trainer, is watching other trainers.    I can be awed, inspired, reminded if fantastic tools, learning something new, cringe and spot when a trainer is unprepared  or – in technical training terms – “winging it”.

As trainers we need to be constantly reviewing our own performance, seek new tools, experiment with new delivery methods, models, styles to keep the training experience fresh for participant and for us.  There is nothing worse than watching a trainer who is clearly going through the motions because they have delivered the same content 500 times.  This is another reason why I think it is important to engage with the synergy in a group be it in person or online, and remember that this content is new to them.  If it is boring to you, you need to find a way to freshen it for yourself or train something else.

However, as a professional trainer, you will be constantly seeking new ways of presenting information, new activities, up-to-date content, new technologies – all those things that keep it interesting.

One way that I like to do it is watch other trainers.   What do they do that works?  What do they do that doesn’t?  do they have different training styles that they adapt for different audiences? how do they deal with difficult participants or students?


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