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Just because someone can enrol in a qualification doesn’t mean that they should

What’s your motivation for doing this course?

What’s your motivation for doing this course?

That is the question that training organisations should ask every enquiry.

As trainers/assessors, we can get incredibly frustrated with people who don’t progress in their training. It is time consuming to constantly call and email and see no progress. And then frustrating when all this time and effort has been put into motivating and supporting participants and then, as is oft the case, trainees say….. “I wasn’t supported”, “they never called or contacted me and I needed help”, when they are than asked my their employer or others with a vested interest as to why they are not progressing.

Even when you have put numerous meetings and support in place, you can point that out and have learners say…. “it wasn’t the support I needed”. Interestingly, you ask them what support they want or need and they either don’t know or they want you to sit there and babysit them which is not appropriate for adult learning nor is it financially viable.
Just because someone can enrol in a qualification doesn’t mean that they should.

Is the course something that they want to do? Are they doing any other courses at the moment? What are the priorities in their life? Do they understand how the course will be delivered and the limitations on the support you offer? How can you document that understanding.

I am all for training organisations being accountable for the support that they rightly should offer learners. I am also all for learners taking responsibility for their learning, priorities and time management and taking the initiative when they need assistance.

What we can do as trainers/assessor is to firstly set learners up for success – make sure they have a vested interest in the course, make sure they have the time to complete and understand the delivery model. And then document every interaction, every support, every response (or lack of response). Use scheduled emails to remind students, document phone calls (and then take a photo of your call log) and text messages.

It is amazing how when this documentation is shown to stakeholders that their frustration at the trainer resolves. Trainees – depending on where they are in their life journey can ark up, but ultimately, the trainer is a defend-able position. But even better you are more likely to have learners that want to learn, progress and complete and will be responsive.

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